Six ways to qualify as a first-time home buyer (even if you've owned before)!

Hi, I’m Dana Biggs and I love helping buyers achieve their Colorado dream. Whether you are new to the area, a first time buyer, or looking to upgrade, I can help you find your perfect Colorado home!

My family and I have moved across the country and bought and sold three different houses. I know how complicated the process can be and I want to make it EASY for you! Serving Boulder and the Denver Metro Area, let me help you find YOUR perfect Colorado home!
As a first time home buyer, I can help you buy with little-to-no money down...even in the crazy seller markets that we are seeing today!  When it is time to upgrade, I can help reduce the worry about selling your home while trying to find your new home. If coming from out-of-state, I can help with resources to make the transition smooth. My goal is to help YOU live your Colorado dream with very little stress while keeping as much of your hard-earned cash as possible. If a Colorado home is your dream as well, schedule a free consultation today and let's see what's possible together.

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Ready to Move? get my exclusive guide to buying and selling at the same time with ease!

I know what you're thinking!  How can I afford to move right now in today's crazy market? Get my guide to buying and selling with ease and we will start the conversations with how we can make it happen for you!

What My Clients Say About Me

"Dana is hard-working, attentive, and detailed.

"In today's crazy market it's really easy to get discouraged and give up, but Dana made the process easier. I had worked with other realtors in the past who just give you a listing site and tell you to find places yourself, but Dana is different. Dana will sit down with you, find out what you are looking for, and then get to work finding properties to fit your needs and budget, making the process so much less stressful.  Once I won an offer, he made the closing process easier as well. I'd recommend Dana to anybody who is a first-time homebuyer or is tired of the process and wants someone better."

— Brandon L.

"Service, Details and compassion are words to describe Dana and his remarkable skills as a Realtor!" 

"When I lost my home in a major fire and reached out to Dana Biggs through a recommendation from a friend, I received service skills that were beyond my expectations. His guidance and concern for details helped educate me and make decisions on what would work best for me in a new home. Dana also knew I was short on resources for setting up my new home and took some of his weekend to help me set up furniture in my new house. I would HIGHLY recommend Dana to anyone looking for a home!

— Andy S.

"Dana, I want to thank you for all your efforts in assisting my brother Andy! 

"I have a reasonable amount of experience working with real estate brokers and I have to say the level of service and assistance you provided was unlike any other.  You provided sound advice and expertise in completing this transaction and without it, Andy would still be in transient housing. I know you went the extra distance in finding this home and then landing it for Andy.  I just spent part of the weekend with him and inaugurated the guest bedroom. The new home is gorgeous. Quality is everywhere. Thanks again!

— Bob S.

Say goodbye to Feeling overwhelmed and hello to your new Colorado home!

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